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6 Awesome Facts About Titanic

6 Awesome Facts About TitanicTitanic – The grand & the most royal ship of the historical era! Uncover the unknown facts about this beauty…

Biggest & Largest :- Titanic was the world’s largest ship of that time, (1912) and was also the largest object on earth.

Sailed for only 5 days :- RMS Titanic began its maiden voyage on 10 April 1912. Unfortunately, it hit an iceberg on 14 April at 11:40 pm. Thus, it sailed for only 5 days.

It was highly luxurious :- Titanic’s interiors were not less than any of the luxurious hotel. It had a gym, pool, squash court, saloon, cafes and restaurants. It even had its own newspaper published daily called – The Atlantic Daily Bulletin.

Titanic could have been saved:- It was just a delay of 30 seconds by the captain to give the order to change the sailing course of the ship after spotting the iceberg.

Super Costly:- The RMS Titanic costed whooping Rs. 468 Arabs to be built!

Hit an ancient iceberg :- It will be quite surprising to know that the iceberg that it hit was around 1000 BCE old!

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