2:36 pm - Wednesday July 18, 2018

Army physical test get naked?

  • Yes, you will have to get naked. There are a lot of Recruits trying to get in. So you might be in an exam room with 3 to 10 other males.
  • Usually it’s you alone but be prepared for 3-10 or more people at once.
  • You are called in.
  • You are asked to look up and straight.
  • You are asked to take down your pants.
  • You are observed if your manhood looks fine and healthy.
  • You are observed if your balls are in required quantity.
  • You are observed if your balls are hanging the way they should.
  • You are touched and frisked on the balls to check their health condition.
  • You are observed if your balls do not have any water or unhealthy condition, failing which an operation is required.
  • You are asked to turn around.
  • You are asked to bow down and show your anus.
  • You are observed if you are healthy and basically “virgin” on the back end. Gays are not allowed.
  • You are asked to pull up your pants and leave.

    That is how dirty it gets. But you gotta do that if you gotta get in.

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