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Barbaric Methods of Execution Most Brutal Methods

Barbaric methods of execution :- Humanity’s Most Brutal Methods of Execution islamic execution methods, islamic methods of execution, methods of execution by country, top 10 execution processes in muslim countries

Amputation :- Amputation involves the removal of any body part of the body including the limbs. It often involves the use removal of ears, eyes, teeth or penis, however the limbs are the most common.

Country :-  Amputation as a punishment is very common Islamic countries like Iran, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

For Crime  :- It is used to punish those who commit a crime like stealing, murder and so forth.

Public Execution :- Iranian government does hundreds of executions per year, and with this increase in the crime rates, they have switched the executions from behind the walls to public. For a long time, they executed the person behind the prison walls, but to inject the horror among people, they have gone public. Literally anyone can watch a person being executed with no concent of its affect on the society. This is not going to take them anywhere.

Cement Shoes :-  Mainly coined by the American Mafia crime world, the word “cement shoes” has also become a slang term for many. It involves the person’s feet to be weighted by the use of cement after which he is thrown into the water to drown and hence the name. This method has given the rise to the term “The one who sleeps with fishes“. It is often used in a humorous way as a threat from criminals, but by the looks of it, I guess, it shouldn’t be.

Necklacings :-  In the process of necklacing, the victim is forced into a rubber tire filled with petrol which is then set on fire. It is a sort of summary execution in which a person accused of crime is killed immediately without the supervision of any higher authorities. A.K.A without any Trial. The whole process of capturing, torturing and killing the person is done in a very short span of time. The whole concept of necklacing is made more brutal by the fact that sometimes even the police, military or warfare organisations are directly involved. The whole process starts from severely beating victim and ends with his horrific death. The victim may take up to 20 minutes to die due to the severe burns and trauma. Necklacing is quite common in South Africa as a means of punishments for the offenders of the law and supposedly, their “religion“.

Electrocution :- Electrocution is among the newest methods of execution ever invented by mankind. Remember the old wooden chair from Ted Bundy‘s execution video. Well, if you don’t, just watch the video embed below. Electrocution involves the person to be securely tied to a wooden chair along with a metal helmet on his head. This helmet is connected to a live electric supply, so when turned on, it just fries the victim.

Stoning to Death :- Stoning to death stands apart from all the other methods of executions mentioned here. This is because here, all of the community takes participation in killing the victim. It is among the oldest forms of executions as apparent from some phrases from the Bible. Although most of the 1st world countries have stopped Stoning to death, some countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan use it to punish rapists and murderers. It is also practiced in Middle east and sub-Saharan Africa.

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