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Haryana General Knowledge Objective Questions & Answers

Haryana General Knowledge Objective Questions & AnswersHaryana GK for HSSC Examinations 2016

1. Haryana was known with which among the following terms during the Mahabharata age?

[A] Haritdesha

[B] Haritpradesha

[C] Bahudhhanyaka

[D] Haritdhanyaka

2. The 1200 MW Rajiv Gandhi Thermal Power Project is located in which among the following districts of Haryana?

[A] Hissar

[B] Fatehabad

[C] Sirsa

[D] Faridabad

3. The Renuka, Kishau and Lakhwar Vyasi dams have been constructed on which among the following rivers of Haryana?

[A] Gagghar

[B] Yamuna

[C] Tangri

[D] None of them

4. The Haryana Government has launched the ‘Banjh Mukt Pashudhan’ scheme under which among the following programmes / bodies ?

[A] Gau Seva Aayog

[B] Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana

[C] National Animal Husbandry Project

[D] None of them

5. The Kalesar National Park of Haryana is famous for which among the following Fauna?

[A] Tigers

[B] Birds

[C] Monkeys

[D] Rusty Spotted Cat

6. Who among the following are eligible for the land plots in Haryana under Mahatma Gandhi Gramin Basti Yojna?

[A] SCs

[B] BCs

[C] BPL families

[D] All of above

7. How much amount is given by the Government of Haryana for marriage of eligible girls of BPL and SC families under the “Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Vivah Shagun Yojana”?

[A] Rs. 15000

[B] Rs. 21000

[C] Rs. 31000

[D] Rs. 51000

8. Which among the following two cities of Haryana were established by Firoz Shah Tughlaq?

[A] Hissar and Ballabhgarh

[B] Hissar and Faridabad

[C] Hissar and Fatehabad

[D] Kaithal and Hissar

9. Mithatal which is also known as “Eastern Domain” of the Indus, or Harappan, Civilization, is located in which among the following districts of Haryana?

[A] Kaithal

[B] Bhiwani

[C] Haryana

[D] Panipat

10. A nuclear power plant at Gorakhpur village is coming up in Haryana in which among the following districts?

[A] Sirsa

[B] Fatehabad

[C] Faridabad

[D] Ambala

11. The Government of Haryana has recently accepted the recommendations of a committee for improvement of the standard of polytechnic education in Haryana. Who among the following headed this committee?

[A] Shruti Choudhry

[B] Navin Jindal

[C] Sampat Singh

[D] B D Sharma

12. Haryana Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department will conduct the which among the following Livestock Census in the state from September 15 to October 15, 2012?

[A] 15th

[B] 17th

[C] 18th

[D] 19th

13. In comparision to national average per capita milk avaialbility in India (262 grams), the per capita milk avaialbility in Haryana is ___?

[A] 1.5 times [B] 2.0 times[C] 2.5 times[D] 3.0 times

14. What is the current approximate power generation capacity of Haryana?

[A] 1580 MW [B] 2245 MW[C] 3480 MW[D] 4200 MW

15. The state Government of Haryana has established “Centre of Excellence for Vegetables” under Indo-Israeli project at which among the following places?

[A] Tohana in Fatehabad

[B] Ladrawan in Jajjhar

[C] Gharaunda in Karnal

[D] Nangal Sirohi in Mahendragarh

16. Which district in Haryana is Largest by area ?





17. In Which year Haryana became a state ?





18. Second Battle of Panipat was fought in which year ?





19. Treaty of Surji Anjangaon was signed in which year ?





20. Who among the following is founder of Hisar district ?

a)Firozshah Tughlaq



d)Ibrahim Lodi

21. At which of the following place was the famous battle of Panipat fought?
(A) Kurukshetra (B) Sirsa (C) Panipat (D) Jind

22. In 1526 the famous battle between Babar and Ibrahim Lodi was fought at—
(A) Kurukshetra (B) Rewari (C) Panipat (D) Patiali

23. When was the famous battle of Panipat fought?
(A) 1539 (B) 1556 (C) 1565 (D) 1576

24. The third battle of Panipat was fought between—

(A) Ahmad Shah Abdali and Maratha rulers
(B) Nadir Shah and Mohd. Shah
(C) Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Mohd. Gauri
(D) Sher Khan and Humayun

25. At which place of Haryana did Lord Krishna preach the message of Geeta ?
(A) Ambala (B) Sonipat (C) Yamuna Nagar (D) Kurukshetra 

26. In 1947 when India was declared Independent, which of the following States was Haryana a part?
(A) Delhi (B) Himachal Pradesh (C) Punjab (D) Jammu Kashmir

27. When was the State of Haryana formed?
(A) 1st Nov., 1966 (B) 10th Dec., 1966 (C) 2nd Jan., 1967 (D) 4th March, 1967

28. With how many states does the boundary of Haryana touch?
(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 7

29. Which one of the following union Territories touches the boundary of Haryana ?
(A) Lakshadweep (B) Pondicherry (C) New Delhi (D) All the three

30. What is the total area of Haryana ?
(A) 44,212 km2 (B) 46,213 km2 (C) 48,314 km2 (D) 52,276 km2

31. How many districts are there in Haryana ?
(A) 19 (B) 25 (C) 28 (D) 32

32. As per census of 2011 the total population of Haryana is—
(A) 1,91,72,483 persons (B) 2,53,53,081 persons
(C) 2,40,82,988 persons (D) 2,64,44,271 persons

33. What is the percentage of country’s population in Haryana ?
(A) 2.09% (B) 2.50% (C) 4% (D) 6%

34. In which of the districts of Haryana is the H.M.T. factory situated?
(A) Patiala (B) Ambala (C) Jind (D) Faridabad

35. Where is the Atlas Industry in Haryana situated?
(A) Sonipat (B) Gurgaon (C) Hisar (D) Panchkula

36. Which one of the following is situated in Gurgaon of Haryana ?
(A) Manufacturing of Rajdoot Motor Cycle

(B) Manufacturing of Maruti Cars
(C) Manufacturing of Tata-Sumo
(D) All the above

37. In which district of Haryana is Rajdoot Motor Cycle manufactured ?
(A) Hisar (B) Karnal (C) Ambala (D) Faridabad (Ans : D)

38. Odinance regarding the prohibition of alcohol was passed on 1st July, 1996. Later on it was withdrawn on—
(A) 1st April, 1998 (B) 1st April, 1997 (C) 1st June, 1998 (D) 1st Aug., 1997 (

39. In which of the following years was each village of Haryana electrified?
(A) In 1968 (B) In 1970 (C) In 1972 (D) In 1976

40. According to 2001 census what is the percentage of Literacy in Haryana ?
(A) 62.40% (B) 55.85% (C) 65.72% (D) 67.9%

41. Where has the National Research Institute in Haryana been established?
(A) At Sirsa (B) At Kurushetra (C) At Karnal (D) At Jind

42. Which of the following Central Territory is the capital of Haryana ?
(A) Chandigarh (B) Pondicherry (C) New Delhi (D) Lakshadweep

43. Which one of the following folk dances belongs to Haryana ?
(A) Baoul (B) Yaksha-Gaan (C) Gidda (D) Biehu (Ans : C)

44. Which of the following Indian players belongs to Haryana ?
(A) Sunil Gavaskar (B) Kapil Dev (C) Sachin Tandulkar (D) Azharudeen

45. The turban, worn by males in Haryana is known as—
(A) Toda (B) Muretha (C) Paggar (D) Khandwa 

46. Where is Chaudhary Charan Singh University located at Haryana ?
(A) Hisar (B) Kaithal (C) Jhajjar (D) Gurgaon

47. Which city of Haryana is known as ‘City of Weavers’ ?
(A) Mahendragarh (B) Fatehabad (C) Karnal (D) Panipat 

48. Of which of the following kings’ was Thaneshwar city of Haryana the capital?
(A) Kanishka (B) Harshwardhan (C) Chandra Gupta Maurya (D) Samrat Ashok

49. The glory and strength of which of the cities of Haryana was discussed in the book written by Chinese traveller Huen-Tsang?
(A) Thaneshwar (B) Patiala (C) Mahendragarh (D) Kurukshetra

50. In which district of Haryana is the ‘Badkhal Lake’ situated?
(A) Hisar (B) Jind (C) Sirsa (D) Faridabad 

51. Where is the biggest animal husbandry farm of Asia situated at Haryana ?
(A) Ambala (B) Bhiwani (C) Hisar (D) Rohtak

52. Not only to check the growth of population, but also to improve the male female ratio, which of the following projects is being launched by the state government?
(A) Devi-Rupak-Project

(B) Indra-Hareli-Saheli-Project
(C) Farlo project
(D) Bhagyodaya

53. Which project is being launched in Haryana for the welfare of poor girls?
(A) Apni-Beti-Apna-Dhan (B) Apni-Beti-Paraya Dhan
(C) Paraya Dhan-Paraie Beti (D) Indra-Saheli-Project

54. At which of the pilgrimage centres was the message of Geeta preached by Krishna to Arjun ?
(A) At Markandey Tirth

(B) Jyotisar Sarover
(C) Brahm Sarovar
(D) Kaleshwar Tirth

55. In which city of Haryana was the great epic Mahabharat written by Ved Vyas?
(A) Hisar (B) Sonipat (C) Yamuna-Nagar (D) Kurukshetra 

56. Where is the Motilal Nehru sports school situated at Haryana ?
(A) Rai (Sonipat) (B) Pataudi (Gurgaon) (C) Thanesar (Kurukshetra) (D) Morni (Ambala)

57. According to 2001 census of India, which district of Haryana has the highest density?
(A) Panipat (B) Panchkula (C) Rohtak (D) Faridabad

58. According to 2001 census which of the following districts of Haryana has the lowest density ?
(A) Sirsa (B) Karnal (C) Jhajjar (D) Rewari

59. Santosh Yadav, the only woman in the world, who climbed twice the Mt. Everest belongs to which state?
(A) Punjab (B) Haryana (C) Himachal Pradesh (D) Jammu Kashmir

60. Which place of Haryana was the political as well as social working place of freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai ?
(A) Ambala (B) Jhajjar (C) Jind (D) Hisar

61. Into how many divisions has Haryana been divided?
(A) Three divisions (B) Four divisions (C) Six divisions (D) Eight divisions

62. Being famous in the production of Basmati rice, which district of Haryana is known as “Dhan-ka-katora”.
(A) Sirsa (B) Karnal (C) Panchkula (D) Jind

63. From the point of view of population, what is the rank of Haryana in the country?
(A) 14th (B) 15th (C) 16th (D) 18th

64. Who was the founder of Haryana Vikas Party?
(A) Chaudhary Devi Lal (B) Chaudhary Bansi Lal (C) Chaudhary Bhajan Lal (D) All the above

65. Where is the High Court of Haryana functioning?
(A) Patiala (B) Chandigarh (C) Sirsa (D) Gurgaon

66. How many total No. of seats are there in Haryana’s Assembly?
(A) 75 (B) 80 (C) 85 (D) 90 

67. Who appoints the Advocate General of the State?
(A) President with the consent of Governor

(B) Governor with the consent of Chief Minister
(C) Governor himself
(D) None of them

68. Who appoints the members of the State Public Service Commission?
(A) Chief Minister of the State

(B) Governor
(C) President on the recommendation of the Governor (D) Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Governor

69. How many seats are allotted to the members of Rajya Sabha from Haryana State?
(A) 5 (B) 8 (C) 10 (D) 12

70. How many seats are allotted to the lower house of Parliament from Haryana State?
(A) 8 (B) 10 (C) 14 (D) 18

71. Who is the constitutional Head of the State Government?
(A) Governor (B) Chief Minister (C) Chief Justice of India (D) None of the above

72. The chairman of the state public service commission in appointed by—
(A) President (B) Prime Minister (C) Chief Minister (D) Governor

73. At the time of appointing the judges of The High Court—
(A) President takes the advice of Chief Minister

(B) President takes the advice of Chief Justice
(C) President consults the Governor
(D) President works on his own judgement own

74. In whose name is the budget of the next financial year produced in the state Legislative Assembly?
(A) In the name of the President

(B) In the name of the Prime Minister
(C) In the name of the Chairman of Legislative Assembly
(D) None of these

75. In which article of the Indian Constitution is the provision of the State Public Service Commission?
(A) Article-315 (B) Article-317 (C) Article-319 (D) Article-323

76. Governor appoints the District Magistrate—
(A) With the consent of the Central Govt.

(B) With the consent of President
(C) With the consent of Prime Minister
(D) With the consent of the council of Ministers the state

77. Whom among the following has the Governor no right to appoint?
(A) Chief Minister

(B) Members of the State Public Service Commission
(C) Judges of the State High Court
(D) Advocate General

78. Kalpna Chawla died in the space mission on—
(A) 1st Jan., 2003 (B) 5th Feb., 2003 (C) 3rd Feb., 2003 (D) 1st Feb., 2003 

79. The first state of the country where all the village are electrified—
(A) Orissa (B) Punjab (C) Haryana (D) Himachal Pradesh

80. Where is the Headquarters of Mahendargarh district in Haryana ?
(A) Narnaul (B) Karnal (C) Kaithal (D) Bhiwani

81. Which unique project is being launched in Haryana to raise the standard of female children in Haryana ?
(A) Indra-Harelli-Saheli-Yojna (B) Apni Beti-Apna dhan-Yojna
(C) Indra Sahara-Yojna (D) All the above

82. First time the President’s rule was imposed in Haryana—
(A) 21st Nov., 1967 (B) 30th April, 1977
(C) 2nd Dec., 1989 (D) 6th April, 1991

83. Who is famous with the name of Haryana Kesari ?
(A) Pt. Neki Ram Sharma (B) Devi Lal (C) Bansi Lal (D) Bhagwat Dayal Sharma

84. When was Ambala established as a cantonment area (Military base) ?
(A) In 1839 (B) In 1841 (C) In 1843 (D) In 1848

85. Who was the first Governor of Haryana ?
(A) B. N. Chakravorty (B) R. S. Narula (C) Dhanik Lal MandaI (D) Dharam Veer 

86. Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana ?
(A) Banarsi Das Gupta (B) Rao Virendra Singh (C) Bhajan Lal (D) Bhagwat Dayal Sharma

87. In which district of Haryana is the Mohar Singh Stadium (Mayur) situated?
(A) Faridabad (B) Ambala (C) Kurushetra (D) Yamuna-Nagar

88. Which breed of buffaloes is famous in Haryana?
(A) Turra (B) Murra (C) Chaspa (D) Pushpa

89. When was Bhiwani textile mill establised at Haryana?
(A) 1932 (B) 1937 (C) 1943 (D) 1948

90. Which district of Haryana ranks first in the production of mustard?
(A) Mahendragarh (B) Faridabad (C) Rohtak (D) Panipat

91. For which of the following industries is Rewari district of Haryana famous in India—
(A) Brass Utensils Industry (B) Tilla Shoe Industry
(C) Hero-Honda-Motor Cycle Industry (D) All the above 

92. Which article manufactured in Haryana is exported to foreign countries?
(A) Brass Utensils (B) Paint (C) Liberty Shoes (D) Wooden Furniture

93. Which of the following factories are established at Faridabad ?
(A) Rubber Tyre (B) Tractor (C) Refrigerator (D) All these 

94. Who constructed the famous ‘Sarveshwar Mahadeo Temple’ at Kurukshetra ?
(A) J. K. Birla (B) Baba Tarak Nath (C) Baba Sarwan Nath (D) Baba Shivgiri

95. Where is the famous and old temple of Sita Mata established at Haryana ?
(A) Gurgaon (B) Hisar (C) Narnaul (D) Rohtak

96. At which place of Haryana did a battle between Mohd. Gauri and Prithvi Raj Chauhan take place in Medieval period of 1191 and 1192 ? (A) Gharonda (B) Tarawari (C) Asandh (D) Nising

97. The tomb of Ibrahim Lodi is situated at—
(A) Panipat (B) Gurgaon (C) Mahendragarh (D) Rohtak

98. Haryana is bounded by—
(A) Himachal Pradesh in the North, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in the east, Rajasthan in the South and South-East and Punjab and Chandigarh in the North-West
(B) Himachal Pradeshin the East, Chhattisgarh in the North, Punjab in the South and Uttar Pradesh in the West
(C) Jammu Kashmir in the West, Punjab in the East, Uttar Pradesh in the North and Uttaranchal in the South
(D) None of these

99. Haryana State is the—
(A) Southern State (B) North-Western State (C) Eastern State (D) South-Eastern-State

100. Palwal city of Haryana is in which district of the state?
(A) Panchkula (B) Fatehabad (C) Yamuna-Nagar (D) Faridabad

101. Who is the present Governor of Haryana ?
(A) Babu Permanand (B) T. V. Rajeshwar (C) Kailash Pati Misra (D) Kaptan Singh Solanki 

102. First novel written in Haryanbi language is—
(A) Heru-ki-Kahin (B) Dan Lila (C) Surahi Gaiya (D) Jharufiri 

103. Who was the founder of Vishal-Haryana Party of Haryana ?
(A) Rao Virendra Singh (B) Om Prakash Chautala (C) Hukum Singh (D) Bhagwat Dayal Sharma

104. In which part of Haryana are the Siwalik Ranges situated?
(A) South-Eastern (B) North-Western (C) North-East (D) South-West

105. “Banwali” the main land of Indus civilization is situated in which district of Haryana—
(A) Hisar (B) Rewari (C) Faridabad (D) Panchkula

106. Haryana day is celebrated—
(A) 1st Nov. (B) 13th Nov. (C) 1st Dec. (D) 8th Dec.

107. Which state of the country is famous as ‘Land of Milk and Curd’—
(A) Himachal Pradesh (B) Uttaranchal (C) Haryana (D) Punjab

108. Where is the Bata Shoe manufacturing factory situated in Haryana ?
(A) Panipat (B) Faridabad (C) Bhiwani (D) Palwal

109. Total forested area in Haryana is—
(A) 964 km2 (B) 6940 km2 (C) 2440 km2 (D) 4230 km

110. The working field of famous Nawab Pataudi is—
(A) Literature (Poetry) (B) Amphitheatre (C) Sports (Cricket) (D) Politics

111. Mithathal famous for the remains of Indus civilization is situated in—
(A) Jind district (B) Hisar district (C) Bhiwani district (D) All these (Ans : C)

112. Where is the Manzi Shaib Gurudwara situated?
(A) Kaithal (B) Jhajjar (C) Fatehabad (D) Rewari

113. The maximum area in the district of Haryana is—
(A) Ambala (B) Gurgaon (C) Bhiwani (D) Sonipat

114. According to population of 2011, Faridabad district ranks first in the state, its population is—
(A) 17,98,954 (B) 24,40,396 (C) 32,80,160 (D) 34,30,264

115. Geeta Jutsi the famous player of Haryana is associated with—
(A) Chess (B) Weight Lifting (C) Lawn Tennis (D) Atheletics 

116. Which of the following dance is performed by women?
(A) Teej dance (B) Umru dance (C) Loor dance (D) Manjeera dance

117. Where is the Panchwati pilgrim place situated in Faridabad ?
(A) Palwal (B) Hodal (C) Ballabhgarh (D) None of these

118. Which ancestor king of emperor Harshvardhan made the construction of Thaneshwar Mahadev temple near Thaneshwar city?
(A) Prabhakar Vardhan (B) Nar Vardhan (C) Puniya Bhuti (D) Adithya Vardhan

119. Which Tomb has been declared as National heritage under the archaeological land and remnants act 1958 ?
(A) Sheikh Fareed (B) Sheikh-Chehli (C) Ibrahim Abdullah (D) Ali Shah Kalander

120. In which district is the Tomb of Gulam ruler Rajia Sultana situated?
(A) Ambala (B) Karnal (C) Kaithal (D) Faridabad

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