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How to Prepare for Indian Army GD/Clerk/Nursing/Technical Exam

How to Prepare for Indian Army GD-Clerk-Nursing-Technical ExamHow to Prepare for Indian Army GD Post.Tips to Crack GD, Clerk, Nursing, Technical Exam – How can I prepare to join the Indian Army?

How to Prepare for Indian Army GD Post

Physical :- As for physical tests, they actually look for cadets who have good stamina, think logically and can lead their team through difficult situations. Having a sports background is a bonus. If you really want to join army start building up buddy. Choose a team sports and try to build a interest in it.

Maintain good physical fitness :- Okay, let’s not ignore this aspect. There is a whole ‘obstacles round’, where your physical prowess will be put to test! So, maintain a basic level of fitness and physique. Exercise regularly, eat well, eat good food. The obstacle course is a real ‘bonus round’. You can score high score if you’re in good shape and have good fitness level.

Written Exam :- Some things you should have detailed knowledge about-All Indian Army Exam on some common topics. These common topics are- India, Indian Politics, History of India, India and its current affairs, Armed Forces in India etc. Questions about these topics are almost always asked during personal interviews, group discussion etc.

Brush up your Academic knowledge:- Doing so will come handy during the personal interview. Many times, interviewers go for such technical questions. If you are a 12th standard passed/appearing student, the interviewer may ask questions related to your studies. For example, I was asked this question- ‘What is Bernoulli’s equation?’.

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