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HSSC Mandi Supervisor Exam Morning Solved Question Paper 28.05.2017

Q.1. Haryanvi spoken in Mewat does not have the influence of which dialect?
Ans. Punjabi.
Q.2. Which scholar had the biggest contribution in the establishment of the Manuscript Museum at Kurukshetra University?
Ans. Pt. Sthanudatt Sharma.
Q.3. The folk song  “Babul desh jaiyo pradesh jaiyo gori ka bar too dhoondhiyo” is sung by women in the festival of-
Ans. Marriage.
Q.4. Social reformer Pt. Bastiram was born at-
Ans. Kheri Sultan
Q.5. Train started at Haryana for the first time on-
Ans. Delhi to Rewari
Q.6. Rowlatt Act was first opposed in 1919 at-
Q.7. Devotee cu, compositor Surdas was a contemporary of-
Ans. Akbar
Q.8. Dharuhera Industrial Area is on which national highway?
Ans. Delhi-Jaipur
Q.9. Traditionally worn turban on the head in Haryana is called?
Ans. Khandwa
Q.10. Kala Titar tourism place is situated in the district of-
Ans. Sirsa
Q.11. Who is the author of Satyarth Prakash?
Ans. Swami Dayanand
Q.12. Which is the official language of haryana?
Ans. Hindi
Q.13. In the Revolt of 1857, which district of Haryana had a role?
Ans. All of these
Q.14. Bapoli comed under the district of
Ans. Panipat
Q.15. The famous film personality Shri Sunildutt was related with which district of Haryana?
Ans. Yamunanagar
Q.16. Where is the Rajiv Gandhi Education City is going to be established ?
Ans. Kundli
Q.17. Who among the following was not the chief minister of Haryana?
Ans. G.D.Tapase
Q.18. Who founded the Haryana Vikas Party?
Ans. Bansilal
Q.19. Sindhara gift is given to a daughter or a sister on the occasion of –
Ans. Teej
Q.20. The first Akashvani kendra was established in Haryana at
Ans. Rohtak
Q.21. Ratnavali is the famous writing of
Ans. Harshvardhan
Q.22. West Yamunangar (Canal) has been cut out from the river Yamuna in the area of
Ans. Tajewala
Q.23. In Haryana, Copper coins of the Harshvardhana era has been found at-
Ans. Sonipat
Q.24 Who was the first non-Congress Chief Minister of Haryana?
Ans. Rao Birender Singh
Q.25. Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang came to Haryana under the reign of emperor
Ans. Harshvardhan
Q.26. Find the correctly spelt word-
Ans. Erroneously
Q.27. Find the correctly spelt word-
Ans. Demarrage
Q.28. Write in passive voice- He sent me a present
Ans. A present was sent to me by him.
Q.29. Write in passive voice- Kill the snake
Ans. Let the snake be killed
Q.30. The young man was well dressed because-
Ans. He want to impress the salesman
Q.31. The manager asked the young man what he wanted because-
Ans. He would give his exactly what he was looking for.
Q.32. The statue was so—– that people stared at it in horror.
Ans. Grotesque
Q.33. I don’t know where but I could guess a/an…..
Ans. Estimate
Q.34. Meaning of the word- Twain
Ans. Couple
Q.35. Meaning of the word- Levitate
Ans. To rise
Q.36. Choose opposite word- Gruesome
Ans. Pleasant
Q.37. Choose opposite word- Stripped
Ans. Covered
प्रश्न-38. कुम्हार, सुनार, लोहार आदि जातियों की उपयोगिता गाँवों में भी बहुत है-
उत्तर- तत्सम
प्रश्न-39. उषाकाल में भ्रमण हेतु जाना चाहिए-
उत्तर- भोर
प्रश्न-40. विपरीतार्थक शब्द बताएं- अभिजात्य
उत्तर- अकुलीन
प्रश्न-41. विपरीतार्थक शब्द बताएं- अभीप्सित
उत्तर- अवांछित
प्रश्न-42. सही वर्तनी वाला शब्द छांटें
उत्तर- ईर्ष्या
प्रश्न-43. शुद्ध वाक्य चुनें
उत्तर- आप उनसे सम्पर्क करें
प्रश्न-44. शुद्ध वाक्य चुनें
उत्तर- आपका देश सुंदर है
प्रश्न-45. उचित क्रम चुनिए-
उत्तर- र,व,य,ल
प्रश्न-46. प्राचीन काल में तपोवन स्वर्ग माने जाते थे-
उत्तर- विसर्ग
प्रश्न-47. जो कुछ पढ़ा जाए उसे यदि हृदयंगम भी कर लिए जाए तभी पढना सार्थक माना जाता है-
उत्तर- व्यंजन
Q.48. The Election Commission comes under which articles?
Ans. 324 to 329
Q.49. What is the name of the tax which is imposed to collect the extra revenue for government
Q.50. How many members of the State Legislative Council are elected by the Assembly?
Ans. 1/3 of the members
Q.51. Somalian current is found in the
Ans. Indian Ocean
Q.52. In which year was the first train in India journeyed ?
Ans. 1853
Q.53. Vidyapati wrote his songs in
Ans. Maithili
Q.54. Name the Mughal ruler who was a vocal singer-
Ans. Shah Jahan
Q.55. Which is the largest mica-producing centre of India?
Ans. Koderma
Q.56. What is the document published by the government to appraise the public on any issue ?
Ans. White Paper
Q.57. Louis Jourdan was a-
Ans. French actor
Q.58. The Punjab Agriculture Produce Marketing Act 1961, extends to-
Ans. Option C (Both)
Q.59. On supersession of committees the assets of a committee are vested in the Board and when no new committee is appointed the board
Ans.  Bye laws U/C 44 have to be made by a committee within…. months from date of establishment
Q.61. a.Indian Colza- Sarson
b. Rochet- Tara Mira
c. Arum- Arvi
d. Cowpeas- Lobia
Q. 62 to 77 are subject related
Q.78. What will come in the place of question mark?
2, 5, 7, 12, 19, 31, 50, ?
Ans. 81
Q.79. If an equilateral triangle has the height of 12 cm…….
Ans. Option B
Q.80. The monthly income and monthly expenditure ration of A and B are 5:6 and 4:5 respectively. If both of them can have 500 as monthly saving, then what is the Income of A?
Ans. 2500/-
Q.81. Find out the least number which when multiplied by 45, the result becomes a perfect square
Ans. 5
Q.82. Consider that O is the centre of the circle—-
Ans. 40*
Q.83. (175)2-(175)2=?
Ans. 25000
Q.84. If a=
Q.85. If the fractions ….
Ans. 2/3
Q.86. 1 hectare=?
Ans. 10000
Q.87. The side of the square—-
Ans. 36m2
Q.88.The sum of two numbers is 24 and the sum of their square is 386 than one number is
Ans. 19
Q.89. of (I)…..
Ans. xyz
Q.90. A wheel rotates 15 times each minute. How many degrees will it rotate in 12 seconds of time?
Ans. #
Q.91. Which of the following countries has decide to phase out all its nuclear  power plants by 2022?
Ans. Germany
Q.92. Ten rupee note contain the signature of-
Ans. The Governor, RBI
Q.93. Arrange the following words as per the dictionary order
Ans. Denote, Depict, Detach, Devise, Digest
Q.94. Who shall appoint the finance commission?
Ans. President
Q.95. Name the father of the Green Revolution in India?
Ans. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
Q.96. Positron has the same charge as
Ans. Proton
Q.97. Blackfoot disease is caused by?
Ans. Arsenic
Q.98 What is the maximum number of the elected members in the Rajya Sabha?
Ans. 238
Q.99. Which State of the following has announced 17th September as Industry Day?
Ans. Maharashtra
Q.100. Which State in India shares maximum number of State boundaries ?
Ans. Uttra Pradesh
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