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IAF Airmen Group X ( Technical ) & Group Y ( Non Technical ) Recruitment 2015

IAF Airmen Group X ( Technical ) & Group Y ( Non Technical ) Recruitment 2015 – IAF Airmen Recruitment Selection | IAF Airmen Recruitment Application 2015

Indian Air Force invites applications from unmarried male candidates for Selection Test in April-May 2015 to join as Airmen in Group ‘X’ ( Technical ) Or Group ‘Y’ ( Non-Technical ) { Except Automobile Technician, GTI, IAF ( P ) and Musician } Or Both Groups ‘X & Y’.

Important Notification to Candidates for IAF Airmen Selection Test 2015

  1. A new format of IAF Airmen application has been introduced.
  2. In a single IAF application, a candidate could opt for either Group–X or Group–Y or both Groups X & Y.
  3. Indian Air Force Airmen Examination for both Groups X and Y shall be held in one sitting.
  4. Only new format of IAF applications shall be acceptable henceforth.
  5. Applications for IAF Airmen in the old format shall be invalid and rejected.
  6. Please read instructions carefully while filling up of IAF Airmen applications.
  7. Incomplete / erroneously filled applications would be rejected.
  8. No correspondence would be entertained on rejected applications.
  9. Receipt of Provisional Admit Card is not to be considered as final authority for appearing in the written test. Candidates are liable to be debarred from appearing in the written test in case anomalies / irregularities / incorrect information are observed during initial verification at the examination venue.

Eligibility Criteria for IAF Airmen Recruitment 2015

1. Indian Air Force invites application from unmarried Male Indian citizens ( citizens of Nepal are also eligible ) for selection test in April–May 2015 to join as Airmen in Group ‘X’ ( Technical ) Trades or Group ‘Y’ ( Non-Technical ) { Except Automobile Technician, GTI, IAF ( P ) and Musician } Trades or in both Groups ‘X & Y’ ( The selection test is not for selection as Commissioned Officers / Pilots / Navigators ).

2. Educational Qualification for IAF Airmen 2015

(a) Group ‘X’ ( Technical ) :

  1. Passed Intermediate / 10+2 / Equivalent examination with Mathematics, Physics and English with minimum 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English. Or
  2. Passed Three years Diploma Course in Engineering ( Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics / Automobile / Computer Science / Instrumentation Technology / Information Technology ) from a Government recognized Polytechnic Institute with 50% marks in overall aggregate, and 50% marks in English in Diploma or in Intermediate / Matriculation, if English is not a subject in Diploma Course.

(b) Group ‘Y’ ( Non-Technical ) :

  1. Passed Intermediate / 10+2 / Equivalent Examination in any stream / subjects approved by Central / State Education Boards with minimum 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English. Or
  2. Passed Two years Vocational Course affiliated / recognized by CBSE / State Education Boards / Councils duly recognized at par with 10+2 by Association of Indian Universities ( AIU ) with minimum 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English in Vocational Course or in Intermediate / Matriculation, if English is not a subject in Vocational Course.

(c) Both Groups ‘X & Y’ ( Eligible for both Technical and Non-Technical ) : Candidates possessing educational qualification as stipulated at Para 2(a)(i). ( Candidates will take the examination for Group ‘X’ and Group ‘Y’ subjects in one sitting and can qualify for Group ‘X’ and Group ‘Y’ or both i.e. if candidate passes in English and Reasoning & General Awareness ( RAGA ), then he will be considered pass in Group ‘Y’ and if he passes in English, Physics and Maths, he is considered pass in Group ‘X’. If a candidate clears in all the four subjects, he will be considered pass in Group ‘X’ and Group ‘Y’.

Note-1 : Boards recognized / affiliated by Council of Boards for Secondary Education ( COBSE ) will only be permitted.

Note-2 : Exact aggregate percentage of marks up to first place of decimal for all subjects as mentioned in the Mark Sheet of Intermediate / 10+2 / equivalent / Diploma ( For example, 49.9% should Not be rounded off to 50% ).

3. Date of Birth Block : Candidate should be born between 01 August 1995 to 30 Nov 1998 ( both days inclusive ).

4. President, Central Airmen Selection Board reserves the right to shortlist the applications on the basis of available vacancies and number of eligible applicants by applying cut off percentage.

5. Mandatory Medical Standards for IAF Airmen Jobs 2014

(a) General Medical Standards for both Group ‘X’ ( Technical ) Trades and Group ‘Y’ ( Non-Technical ) Trades are as follows :

  1. Height : Minimum acceptable height is 152.5 cms.
  2. Chest : Minimum range of expansion: 5 cm.
  3. Weight : Proportionate to height and age.
  4. Corneal Surgery ( PRK / LASIK ) not acceptable.
  5. Hearing : Candidate should have normal hearing i.e. able to hear forced whisper from a distance of 6 meters with each ear separately.
  6. Dental : Should have healthy gums, good set of teeth and minimum 14 dental points.
  7. Health : Candidate should be free from medical or surgical deformity. He should be free from all communicable diseases and skin ailments. Candidate must be physically and mentally Fit to perform duty in any part of the world, in any climate and terrain.
  8. Body Tattoo : Permanent body tattoos on inner face of the fore arms ( inside of elbow to the wrist ), Back ( dorsal ) part of the hand / reverse side of palm and Tribals with tattoos which are as per custom and traditions of their tribes only are permitted. However, right to decide on acceptability / unacceptability of the individual rests with the Selection Centre. Candidates with permanent body tattoos are to submit a photograph of the Tattoo with size and type of the Tattoo.

(b) Colour Vision, Visual Standards and Leg Length for Group ‘X’ ( Technical ) Trades and Group ‘Y’ ( Non-Technical ) Trades are as follows :


Trades Colour Vision Visual Acuity Maximum limits of Ref Error Leg length
Group ‘X’ ( Technical ) Trades
Workshop Fitter ( Mechanical ), Workshop Fitter ( Smith ), Structure Fitter and Propulsion Fitter, Weapon Fitter, Electrical Fitter, Electronic Fitter, *Mechanical System Fitter and *Automobile Fitter. CP-II 6/12 each eye correctable to 6/6 each eye. Hypermetropia + 2.0 D Myopia 1 D including + 0.50 astigmatism *Minimum leg length required for Mechanical System Fitter and Automobile Fitter is 99 cms.
Group ‘Y’ ( Non-Technical ) Trades
Ops Assistant CP-II 6/12 each eye correctable to 6/6 each eye. Hypermetropia + 2.0D Myopia – 1D including + 0.50 astigmatism Not applicable
Admin Assistant, Accounts Assistant, Medical Assistant and Logistics Assistant CP-III 6/36 each eye correctable to 6/9 each eye. Not exceeding + 3.50D including astigmatism
Meteorological Assistant, Environmental Support Services Assistant ( ESSA ) and Communication Technician CP-II

Note–3 : Candidate should bring latest prescription and spectacles for corrected vision, if used. The prescription must bear the signature, stamp and registration number of Eye Specialist.

Note–4 : Candidates applying for Group ‘X & Y’ should fulfil eligibility criteria as mentioned against each category.

Note–5 : Candidates qualifying for Group ‘X & Y’ will be given the group according to his merit as well as his priority given at the time of testing. However, President, CASB reserves the right to allocate Group to a candidate as per vacancies available and merit position in the AISL of the concerned Group. Decision of the President, CASB shall be final and binding on the candidate.

6. Candidate discharged from the Indian Air Force/Indian Army/Indian Navy or dismissed from any Government Organisation for any reason earlier is not to apply.

Terms and Conditions for IAF Airmen Vacancies 2015

7. Tenure & Training : Enrolment is for an initial period of 20 years extendable up to the age of 57 years. Initially candidates will be sent for a Joint Basic Phase Training ( JBPT ) at Basic Training Institute, Belgaum ( Karnataka ). On successful completion of JBPT, candidates will be allocated trades and sent for trade training of specified durations. Training is however liable to be terminated at any time if the trainee fails to achieve the required standards in academics, profession, physical fitness and discipline or is found to be medically unfit. After successful completion of training, the Airmen will be deployed on ground based jobs as per their allotted trades ( Job specifications given in next Paragraph ). Allotted trade will not be changed on candidate’s request on any grounds.

8. IAF Airmen Job Specifications :

(a) Group ‘X’ ( Technical ) Trades involve jobs like :

  1. Electronics Fitter : As an Electronics Fitter, you will operate and maintain Radar, Voice, Data transmission reception equipment mounted on latest airborne weapon delivery systems and ground based air defence systems. You will get trained in Digital Electronics, measuring instruments, radar technology, latest electronics devices and related trade fundamentals.
  2. Electrical Fitter : You will maintain power supply system of latest types of aircraft, airborne missiles and associated ground systems. You will also maintain photo equipment mounted on air borne weapon systems and operate ground based photo systems. You will get trained in electrical trade, operation and maintenance of digital devices, electronic devices etc.
  3. Structure Fitter : You are responsible for the maintenance and servicing of airframes and their accessories, components and controls of an aircraft. Regular checks for the entire hydraulic and pneumatic system to ensure proper functioning against leaks are also part of your duties. You will also be assigned the responsibility of marshalling, parking, picketing and ground handling of aircraft.
  4. Propulsion Fitter : You will repair, maintain and prepare for use propulsion system of aircraft and other airborne weapon delivery system.
  5. Automobile Fitter : You are responsible for maintenance and repair of all type of light and heavy duty mechanical vehicles, cranes and loading equipment etc.
  6. Mechanical System Fitter : You will repair and maintain mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems of airborne missiles, engines, automobiles and aircraft fuelling equipment. Complete aircraft ground support equipment will also be repaired and maintained by you. You will be trained in handling and preparation of bombs and explosives, electrical system trade, workshop trade, mechanical trade and automobile mechanics.
  7. Weapon Fitter : You will prepare, maintain and service armaments, ammunition and safety equipment of aircraft, missiles and other weapon delivery systems. You will also operate and maintain small arms and bomb destruction equipment. You will be trained to handle bombs, explosives, arms and their installation on weapon delivery platforms.
  8. Workshop Fitter ( Smith ) : You will undertake major structural repairs of all aircraft at central repair facilities. You will be trained in workshop trades of materials treatment, welding, heat treatment, smithy and basic machine tools etc.
  9. Workshop Fitter ( Mechanical ) : You will undertake repair and maintenance work of mechanical nature. You will be trained in workshop trade and practices.

(b) Group ‘Y’ ( Non-Technical ) Trades involve jobs like :

  1. Admin Assistant : As an Admin Assistant you will maintain and analyse records, files, information of personnel. You will also manage ration supplies, Cook Houses and Messes.
  2. Accounts Assistant : As an Accounts Assistant you will record and manage accounting of pay and allowances, equipment, logistics transactions, public fund and cash flow etc.
  3. Logistics Assistant : As a Logistics Assistant, you are involved in the procurement, storage and handling inventory control as well as accounting of Military Stores.
  4. Environment Support Services Assistant ( ESSA ) : This job involves maintenance of the fire fighting section. It also requires that you ensure the upkeep of hygiene of Air Force Campus.
  5. Ops Assistant : As an Ops Assistant, you will operate various systems of Air Traffic Control Centre, Air Field and Air Defence System. You will be trained in operation of Radars, Display Units, reporting and tracking procedures of Airborne Weapon Systems etc.
  6. Communication Technician : As a Communication Technician you will operate, service and maintain all types of state of the art communication devices, telephone exchange and radio equipment.
  7. Meteorological Assistant : If you are a Meteorological Assistant, you are trained to undertake weather observation and to maintain meteorological instruments. You are also responsible for plotting of charts, taking balloon observations and compilation of weather summaries.
  8. Medical Assistant : If you are a Medical Assistant, you are made familiar with Nursing and First-aid. You are also involved in Management of Medical Stores, Dispensaries and Ward Supervision.

IAF Airmen Pay & Allowances and Perquisites 2015

9. Monthly Pay : During training, a stipend of Rupee11,400/- per month will be paid. On completion of training the starting gross emoluments at the minimum of scale of pay including Dearness Allowance ( DA ), will be :

  1. Group ‘X’ ( Technical ) Trades. Rupee24,900/- per month ( approx. ) which, in subsequent years, may rise up to Rupee43,940/- per month ( approx )
  2. Group ‘Y’ ( Non-Technical ) Trades. Rupee20,500/- per month ( approx ) which, in subsequent years, may rise up to Rupee38,720/- per month ( approx ).

10. Allowances : In addition to the above, various allowances such as Transport Allowance, Composite Personal Maintenance Allowance, Leave Ration Allowance, High Altitude Allowance, Field Area / Modified Field Area Allowance, Family Planning Allowance, House Rent allowance etc. are also admissible from time to time as applicable.

11. Perquisites : Perks such as Ration, Clothing, Medical facilities, Accommodation, CSD ( Canteen ) facilities, Leave ( 60 days Annual and 30 days Casual in a Calendar Year as a privilege ), Educational concession to children, Recreational facilities, Transport for school going children and Leave Travel Concession are also provided as per the existing rules. Not withstanding the above, Group Insurance Cover of Rupee25,00,000/- at a premium of Rupee1,730/- per month, is covered for all airmen and facility of Group Housing Scheme is also extended. Other facilities by Air Force Wives Welfare Association ( AFWWA ) are also extended to families of airmen.

IAF Airmen Career Progression and Post Retirement Benefits 2015

12. Promotion : Promotion prospects exist upto the rank of Master Warrant Officer ( MWO ). Opportunities to become a Commissioned Officer also exist for those airmen who qualify the prescribed examinations, later during their service career.

13. Post-Retirement Benefits : Pension, Gratuity, Leave Encashment, Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme ( ECHS ) and Canteen facilities comprise some of the post-retirement benefits. Specialised Pre-release Courses ( PRC ) are also arranged to enable airmen to take up post-retirement careers. In addition, airmen also get relaxation in age and reservation in Government services as Ex-servicemen.

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