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Indian Airforce(IAF) Group Y Physical/Medical Standards

Indian Airforce (IAF) Group Y Physical Standards :-

a) General Medical Standards for both Group ‘Y’ {For Automobile Technician, GTI and IAF(P)} Trades are as follows: –

(i) Chest:-  Minimum range of expansion: 5 cm

(ii) Weight:- Proportionate to height and age.

(iii) Corneal Surgery (PRK/LASIK) not acceptable.

(iv) Hearing:- Candidate should have normal hearing i.e. able to hear forced whisper from a distance of 6 meters with each ear separately.

(v) Dental:- Should have healthy gums, good set of teeth and minimum 14 dental points.

(vi) Health:- Candidate should be free from medical or surgical deformity. He should be free from all communicable diseases and skin ailments. Candidate must be physically and mentally FIT to perform duty in any part of the world, in any climate and terrain.

(vii) Body Tattoo:- Permanent body tattoos on inner face of the fore arms (inside of elbow to the wrist), Back (dorsal) part of the hand/reverse side of palm and Tribals with tattoos which are as per custom and traditions of their tribes only are permitted. However, right to decide on acceptability/unacceptability of the individual rests with the Selection Centre. Candidates with permanent body tattoos are to submit a photograph of the tattoo with details of size and type of the Tattoo.

(b) Height, Leg Length, Visual Standards and Colour Vision for Group ‘Y’ {For Automobile Technician, GTI and IAF(P)} Trades are as follows: –

 Trades  Height  Leg Length  Visual Acuity  Maximum limits of Refractive Error  Colour vision
 Automobile Technician  165 cm (162.5 cm for North East & Hill States)  Minimum leg length required is 99 cm  6/12 each eye correctable to 6/6 each eye.  Hypermetropia +2.0D Myopia-1D including + 0.50 astigmatism  CP-II
 Ground Training Instructor (GTI)  167 cm (162.5 cm for North East & Hill States)  Not Applicable
 Indian Air Force (Police) [IAF(P)]  175 cm  Not applicable  Unaided Visual acuity of 6/6  Not Applicable

Indian Airforce(IAF) Group Y Medical Examination :-

Candidates who qualify in the interview will be medically examined. Medical Examination will be conducted by Air Force Medical Team as per IAF medical standards and existing policy in vogue. Medical Examination would also include Baseline Investigation of: –

(a) Hb, TLC, DLC

(b) Blood Sugar Fasting/PP

(c) Urea, Uric Acid and Creatinine

(d) Serum bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT

(e) Serum Cholesterol

(f) X-Ray chest PA view (Plain)

(g) ECG (R)

Candidates declared Medically Unfit can avail the option for Appeal Medical Board (AMB) against their Unfitness by depositing Rs. 40/- in a Government Treasury/RBI/SBI through Military Receivable Order (MRO). The application for AMB along with original copy of MRO, Xerox copy of Unfitness Certificate and Postal Stamp worth Rs. 25/- affixed on a self-addressed envelope are to be submitted at 6 Airmen Selection Centre, Air Force Station Cotton Green, Mumbai (Maharashtra) for processing within three working days from the date of issue of Medical Unfitness Certificate.

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