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Indian army medical test knock knee

How knee knocking is checked in army

Knock Knees in Indian armed forces  :- Knock Knees is a cause for rejection in the medical test for Armed forces. As per the medical standards required for joining Armed Forces a person with knock knees is not eligible to join the Indian Army or the Armed Forces in general.

Indian army medical test knock knee

What is knock knees?While standing straight, the two knees should not touch each other. If this touches each other mean, then the candidate is declared as having “Knock Knees”. Knock knees is the deformality of the knee bone in leg. The scientific name for knock knees is “Genu Valgum”.

How do they check for Knock Knees in a Medical Exam? :- The knock knee test is conducted by an Orthologist. Also the knock knees are checked by making the candidate to stand straight in attention position. The heels touching each other and toes apart in V-shape. If in this condition the two knees touch each other then it is determined as knock knees.

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