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The candidates recommended by Service Selection Board undergo medical examination at nearest Service Hospitals. The medical examination procedure for candidates is as follow:-

  • Special Medical Board(SMB)
  • Appeal Medical Board (AMB)
  • Review Medical Board (RMB)

Special Medical Board(SMB):- Special Medical Board (SMB) of officer candidates will be held at designated hospitals over duration of five to six days. Candidates will be declared Fit/Temporary Unfit or Permanent Unfit. Candidates declared Temporary Unfit are to report back to the hospital for examination after the specified time. Candidates who still do not qualify will be declared Permanent Unfit.

(b) Appeal Medical Board (AMB) :- Candidates who are declared Permanent Unfit by Special Medical Board are eligible for Appeal Medical Board after depositing a sum of Rs. 40/- in the Government Treasury. No fees will be charged from Temporarily Unfit candidates. Unfit candidates get a maximum of 42 days to report for AMB at designated Command Hospital. Candidates declared unfit by Appeal Medical Board are eligible to appeal for Review Medical Board.

(c) Review Medical Board (RMB) :- The President of Appeal Medical Board will intimate the candidate, the reason of his/ her unfitness through a leaflet and guide him / her for Review Medical Board. However, he will explain to the candidate that holding of the Review Medical Board is at the discretion of DGMS(Navy) and DGAFMS based on the merits of the case and it is not his/her right. RMBs are conducted at Army Research & Referral Hospital Delhi and Armed Force Medical College Pune.

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