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Preparation for a Formal Job Interview – Tips

The unemployment problem of the country has become a matter of concern for all. But the question is whether it is due to lack of opportunities for employment or attributable to the unemployable traits of job aspirants. It has been found that there is no shortage of opportunities for employment to the deserving people and hence it becomes very important to have a good preparation for interview to prove the worth of the job aspirants.

Types of interview techniques: –

(1.) The straight forward chronological interview, where the job aspirants are asked questions around their CV / Application form.

(2.) Criterion referenced interviews, where the job aspirants are asked to give examples to prove how they meet the job criteria like examples of teamwork, negotiation/ leadership skills etc.

(3.) Off-the-wall questions, where job aspirants may be asked some
bizarre questions. This practice is done to evaluate the analytical, logical and creative skills of the job aspirants.

(4.) Pressurized interviews, where job aspirants views will be challenged (or even laughed at) to make them feel like being forced
into an argument. If this happens to any job aspirants they should not loose their emotional composure and always keep in mind that it is a test to evaluate how job aspirants react under extreme pressure.

(5.) Procedure for preparation of a face to face interview:-

1. Job aspirants should re-read their CV and prepare for all the probable questions likely to be asked on their CV. The frequently asked questions on CV are like present employment profile of the job
aspirants, the reason for which they desire to change their present job etc. Candidates should always keep in mind during the interview that the question will be asked to judge how they are best fitted for the vacant position and whether the aspirants can cope up with the work culture of the prospective employer. Hence CV should always be prepared with the information which can be substantiated during the interview time.

2. Wearing the right clothes during the interview time can help job aspirants to get the job. It is not necessary that candidates have to wear new clothes during the interview. But it should be neat
and clean and well pressed. The job aspirants should always wear a formal dress in which they feel comfortable. They should always try to avoid wearing casual wears during the interview.

3. A good rehearsal before the interview in front of a mirror always helps in handling the interview pressure. Thus job aspirants should always go for rehearsal interview.

4. Job aspirants should always read vacancy details, employer’s literature several times to find out what the prospective employers want. As we all know that the first Impression is always counted hence job aspirants should try to reach the venue of interview on time. Further they should maintain absolute honesty in replying to the questions. If job aspirants do not know the reply of a particular question, they should honestly tell to the interviewer that they do not have reply to it. Thus with the help of a methodical and logical preparation, job aspirants can prove their worth and get success in interview.

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