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Preparation Tips for Defence Exams

General Preparation Tips for Defence Exams – Army/Navy/Airforce

How to prepare well for various Defence Exams exam preparation tips for students exam preparation tips pdf

  • The Tests are objective type with negative marking.
  • Math and English are the two most important subjects.
  • The key to Success is the speed in finding the right answer. The time for each question is very short (approx 1 min).
  • Quick Problem solving capability must be developed, particularly in Maths where calculations are involved.
  • Candidates must practice finding answers from the hints or ruling out the other options.
  • Clarity and understanding of basic concepts in science (PCM) is more important than ability to solve complex questions.
  • Emphasis should be on understanding rather than cramming.

Specific Tips for Defence Exams – Army/Navy/Airforce

  • First go through the last five years questions papers.
  • Note the number of Questions from each chapter and find the average over the years. Concentrate on those chapters who are easier to handle and provide maximum no of questions.
  • Gradually cover other chapters.
  • Basic things must be covered in all chapters, because sometimes the questions are quite easy from some of the chapters.
  • Revision several times is must. More the revision better it is especially for Math.
  • Level of preparation can be evaluated by mock tests/joining Coaching Institute
Strategy at Exam Hall for Defence Exams – Army/Navy/Airforce
  • Have an initial look at the entire paper for the first 2-3 minutes. It will stabilize your heart beat and you will feel more confident to answer.
  • Start answering the easiest questions.
  • First few questions, may not involve any calculations and may be just ticked for their answers. It will make you comfortable.
  • Most difficult or the time consuming questions to be attempted last.
Preparation for Interview/Personality Test for Defence Exams – Army/Navy/Airforce
  • Interview focuses on Officers like Qualities which include reasoning ability, expression (Written and oral) ability to influence others with their logical arguments, initiative, self confidence, social adjustments, courage, stamina and cheerfulness.•
  • The candidates must train their mind to think clearly logically and rationally.
  • Keep focus on practical aspects of any situation.
  • Be positive in your approach. Your actions must aim at solving the problem. and contribute positively to goal.
  • Focus on good social adjustments with everyone including family, school and friends.
  • A cooperative nature, with good sense of responsibility towards any given task is desired. Respect towards seniors and elders and self discipline are essential.

What not to do :- Many candidates try to memorize the responses to various tests and thus lose out on originality of response. They are not able to adopt their responses to the given situations and it is quite evident that they have come to the SSB with pre-conceived answers. The assessor is more interested in candidate’s own response and not the tutored ones.

Role of Coaching Institutes

  • Psychologically and physically prepare candidates for the exam.
  • Teach shortcut techniques for written exams.
  • Provide familiarity with test patterns and what assessing officers are looking for.
  • Moulds the personality of candidate towards better and positive responses for SSB interview.
  • Improves candidate’s group effectiveness, communication skills, participation, confidence and body language.

How to choose :- There are a lot of institutes which have sprung up in various cities. Not all have adequate facilities and good trainers. It is important to choose an institute which specializes only in preparation for Defence Services and has established credentials.

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