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RRB Staff Nurse Model Question Paper Download – Paramedical Exam modal papers

RRB Staff Nurse Model Question Paper Download –  RRB Staff Nurse Exam (Paramedical Staff) Model Question Paper  – Sample Model Question paper for preparing Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Staff Nurse Recruitment Examination

Railway Recruitment Board – RRB Staff Nurse  Recruitment Exam Model Question paper

1. A component of gastric juice that helps create the environment that pepsin needs to break down protein in the stomach ?

A) vitamins
B) Benedicts
C) hydrochloric acid
D) Lugols

2. Digestive enzyme that breaks down starch. It is found in saliva ?

A) Amylase
B) Lugol
C) Pepsin
D) Gastric Juice

3.  This carbohydrate begins chemical digestion in the mouth ?

A) fat
B) sugar
C) fiber
D) starch

4.  This organ prevents food and/or drink from entering the trachea ?

A) Epiglottis
B) Tonsils
C) Cardiac Sphincter
D) Pyloric Sphincter

5. A moist ball made up of chewed up food and saliva ?

A) chyme
B) bolus
C) peristalsis
D) gastric juice

6.  Regular muscular contractions that move food through the digestive tract ?

A) pepsin
B) chyme
C) peristalsis
D) bolus

7. One of the three basic food types; needed for building and repair of tissue in the body. Found in beef, egg whites, nuts, and pork ?

A) protein
B) sugar
C) starch
D) fiber

8.  A pulpy mixture of food and gastric juices. Produced in the stomach, from which it passes into the small intestine ?

A) peristalsis
B) chyme
C) bolus
D) amylase

9.  A painful sensation in the lower esophagus or upper stomach; sometimes caused by excess stomach acid ?

A) fiber
B) vitamins
C) heartburn
D) carbohydrates

10.  Watery substance secreted by three pairs of glands around the mouth. Helps moisten and soften food for swallowing ?

A) vitamins
B) saliva
C) benedicts
D) lugols

11.  A substance that changes in some way to indicate the presence of another substance. Examples include Benedict’s solution and Lugol solution ?

A) fiber
B) mineral
C) indicator
D) vitamin

12. All the following are functions of the oral cavity except ?

A) to mechanically digest foods
B) to chemically digest proteins
C) to lubricate foods
D) to digest certain carbohydrates

13.  A fold of tissue called the frenulum connects the ?

A) pancreas to the stomach
B) small and large intestines
C) gallbladder to the liver
D) tongue to the floor of the oral cavity

14.  The two types of teeth are ?

A) deciduous teeth and permanent teeth
B) gastroid and pyloric teeth
C) parotid and colonic teeth
D) front and back teeth

15.  Enzymes secreted by the salivary glands ?

A) emulsify fats
B) allow for carbohydrate digestion
C) are stimulated by gastric hormones
D) empty their contents into the roof of the mouth

16. Passage of a bolus of food down the esophagus is assisted by ?

A) enzymes and acids
B) the lower esophageal sphincter
C) peristalsis and gravity
D) the pyloric sphincter

17.  All the following are regions of the stomach except ?

A) fundus
B) cardia
C) the pylorus
D) the hilus

18.  The precursor substance pepsinogen is converted to pepsin ?

A) in the duodenum
B) in the presence of hydrochloric acid
C) in the pancreas
D) only when high concentrations of salt are present

19.  Bile, which is formed in the liver, assists the ?

A) breakdown of proteins
B) absorption of water
C) emulsification of fats
D) formation of feces

20. The liver receives materials absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract through a subdivision of the circulatory system called the ?

A) venous system
B) lymphatic system
C) renal system
D) hepatic portal system

21.  The process of glycogenesis involves the ?

A) breakdown of glucose
B) conversion of amino acids to carbohydrates
C) synthesis of glycogen
D) breakdown of glycogen

22.  An important function of the large intestine is to ?
A) break down proteins
B) break down carbohydrates
C) absorb vitamins
D) absorb nucleotides

23. What is metopic sutures ?

a.sagital sutures
b.lamdoid sutures
c.frontal sutures
d.coronary sutures

24. Which of the following post-operative diets is most appropriate for the client who has had a hemorroidectomy ?


25. Give the answer.. poor man’s vitamin is ?

1)vitamin A
2)vitamin B
3)vitamin C
4)vitamin D

26. The region where the lens focuses the image onto the retina is the ?

a. optic nerve
b. fovea
c. pupil
d. blind spot

27.  Aids was first detected in India.. ?

A. 1985

28. Glycogon helps to ?

A. Increase sugar in blood
B. Reduce sugar
C. Both of them
D. None of them

29. Herpes zoster is caused by ?

a. bacteria
b. virus
c. fungi
d. parasites

30. Penicillin drug is ?

d)all of above

31. Which blood pressure is high in… ?

A) Capillaries
B) Veins
C) Arteries
D) Veins of portal system

32. Satpura tiger reserve is in which state ?

A. Andhra pradesh
B. Maharashtra
C. Telangana
D. Madhya pradesh

33.  Who is union commerce minister of India ?

A. Anand sharma
B. Kamalnath
C. Nirmla sitaraman
D. Suresh prabhu

34. 2016 olympic games are going to be held in ?

A. Sydney
B. Rio
C. Athens
D. London
E. None of the above

35. Buddhi diwali is celebrated in which district of himachal ?

A. Kangra
B. Chamba
C. Shimla
D. Sirmaur


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