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Top 10: The World’s Top Ten Languages

Top Ten Most Spoken Languages In The World In 2015 Top 10: The World’s Top Ten Languages

The following is a list of most spoken languages in the world. China tops the list followed by Hindi and then Spanish.

Language Number of Speakers Primary Countries the language is spoken
Mandarin 1 Billion China, Taiwan, Singapore
Hindi 370M  India
Spanish 350M  Spain, Central America and South America
English 340M  Every Continent
 Arabic 206M  Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordon, Egypt)
 Portugese 203M  Portugal, Brazil, Macau, Angola, Venezula, Mozambique
 Bengali 196M  Bangladesh, India
 Russian 145M  Russia, Eastern Europe
 Japanese 126M  Japan
 German 101M  Germany, Australia, Belgium, Lichtenstein
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